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Stock Feed Potatoes, Ray Wilson & Co. Suppliers Since 1952

Agricultural Merchants based in East Anglia, delivering in a 160 mile radius of Wisbech

We Buy & Sell Stock Feed Potatoes

We are able to provide Stock Feed Potatoes for longer periods than most of our competitors, mainly because we have both growers and factory clearance arrangements. This means our feed potatoes are generally very clean and also excellent quality.

The majority of our potatoes are originally grown for human consumption so any that do not make the supermarket or factory standards are sold as stock feed. When available they make an ideal supplement to forage.

Bulk stock feed potatoes are available from Ray Wilson & Co for most of the year and during winter months. If you are feeding cattle potatoes it is recommended that you supplement this with other food products and proteins for example.

We have access to stock feed potatoes for almost 12 months a year, if you require potatoes as a supplementary feed through the winter months please contact Ray Wilson Co. for a free no obligation quotation on clean dirty delivered loads.

Why are Stock Feed Potatoes a great feed supplement?

They can help bulk up your animals, normally if stored in cool, dry conditions Potatoes can last long enough to allow you to feed over a month or more. Please ask for recommendations, we are happy to help.

Will you deliver to my farm?

Ray Wilson & Co will deliver your potatoes in bulkers and in 20-tonne loads, within a 160-mile radius of Wisbech ( PE14  9 AN)  contact Keith Griffith for more information and stock feed potato prices, he'll be happy to help you. 

Enquire here using the contact form, if you would prefer just call 7 am - 8 pm. 01945 77 23 52 - We remind you that these are bulk articulated loads.

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01945 772352

The Myrtles Pius Drove, Upwell, Nr Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, East Anglia, PE14 9AN

Enquire here using the contact form, if you would prefer just call 7am - 8pm. 01945 77 23 52 - We remind you these are bulk loads supplied with weigh bridge ticket around 20 tonnes.

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