• Stock Feed Suppliers

    Stock Feed Suppliers

    We supply Stock Feeds within a 160 mile radius of our base in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire. Supplying Potatoes, Carrots, Parsnips, Fodder Beet & Sugar Beet

  • Haulage Contractors

    Haulage Contractors

    We can provide haulage of produce, such as grain, wet vegetable waste and other agricultural goods. Please call : 01945 772352 with your enquiry.  

Please note due to high demand for our product it is better to call 01945 772352 to avoid disappointment

Ray Wilson & Co. Animal Or Livestock Feed Suppliers UK

stock feed potatoes

Stock Feed Potatoes

Available nearly 12 months of the year, if you are looking for stock feed potatoes then we can help. We normally have, clean and clean/dirty and deliver.
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stock feed carrots

Stock Feed Carrots

Ray Wilson & Co, normally have Stock Feed Carrots available so call if you need carrots we are certain to be able to help you. We will also deliver your stock feed carrots.
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fodder beet suppliers

Stock Feed Fodder Beet

As one of the UK's largest growers and suppliers of stock feed Fodder Beet you can rely on Ray Wilson & Co to supply your Fodder Beet.
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Stock-Feed.co.uk - Ray Wilson & Co, Agricultural Merchants

Trading successfully since 1952, Ray Wilson & Co. is a family run business with it's roots in stock feed, we are stock feed suppliers and growers of potatoescarrots and fodder beet. Ray Wilson & Co are widely trusted for the quality and honest pricing of the quality animal stock feeds that we deliver. Ray Wilson & Co will deliver throughout the UK, however we recommend you call us to discuss your needs as it is often only economical to deliver within a 160 mile radius of PE14 9AN (Wisbech Cambs.)


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We are able to supply Parsnips for around 8 Months of the year subject to favourable growing conditions.
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Agricultural Haulage Contractors
We can offer Agricultural Haulage to local farms and transport businesses. Contact Ray Wilson and Co for a quality delivery service.
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Loading, Weighing & Transporting
Ray WIlson & Co can provide loading, cleaning and transporting services. If you need your Sugar Beet cleaned and transported to another location or yard, we can help. If you need your grain storing, weighing or carting to a mill or port then call us.

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We are currently running 6 lorries to full fill customer demands, we are enjoying a very busy Winter season.

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Our Livestock Feeds are seasonal as you would expect, however we have our own growers, this means that Stock Feed is available for much longer than through traditional Stock Feed Suppliers. Stock Fodder beet for 8 months of the year and Stock Feed Potatoes can be provided almost 12 months of the year. (Subject to favourable growing conditions) We are also a supplier of Carrots, Parsnips and other various soft matter; Beetroot, Cabbage Beet Pulp etc.

Ray Wilson & Co can help you to get the most out of your budget, if you are looking for Cheap Stock Feed, then we can help you, if you are more interested in high yield products then call now and we can work with hard to achieve this.

Many of our customers have remained loyal since the early days some for more than 40 years, so we must be doing something right!! - Testimonials

Based in East Anglia, we have access to some of the best growers in the UK, we can provide 29 tonne loads and 20 tonne 8 wheeler loads.

Providing Stock Feed for Animal consumption in the North, the Midlands and South East and East Anglia. Areas that include Lincolnshire, Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, Essex, the Midlands and North when needed.We generally quote delivered loads, but do allow pick to, for delivery of our quality Animal fodder. Please Enquire.

e If you would like to know more about our company or to discuss your needs for the coming year please call Keith Griffith on 01945 772352. He will be happy to help you maximise your return on investment, supplying knowledge built up from years of experience.

PLEASE CALL 01945 772352 to discuss your needs ask for Keith. (Please Quote WEBSITE)